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Self-love|care Project Day (5)


Hello beautiful souls,

Today being 5th day , we have reached half way towards the journey of self-love but I know this is an endless struggle that we need to make sure to win. This cannot be achieved in certain period of time nor are there any specific rules to be followed but the most important thing I have learned through this journey is learning to be with myself. No matter what never leave your side. Flood yourself with the power of self-love that you never feel drought of company.

It is often observed and I have particularly felt this that at times we try to be so strong that it eventually breaks us. Strength no doubt is needed to face everything in life but even the pot cracks with excess heat. Today, I am trying to loosen myself and dwelling in the depths to rediscover and rejuvenate my energy and vibrance. I am trying to be more tender and soft with the human breathing within. Today, I am learning to let go everything that bags me down.

Today’s task was to differentiate the time when you needed to say ‘yes’ and when you needed to pause with a ‘no’. This has made huge difference in my being. I had learnt the hard way to deny something that doesn’t sooth or blooms my soul. Taking back my steps from each and every thing\person that no more serves me with good vibes and it has really helped me a lot. Removing toxicity is necessary and essential for nothing, remember nothing is important than your peace. Learn to say a big no wherever needed. People are going to judge you in any way .Let it be for they judge according to their standards of judgment which you aren’t bound to follow.

Hope this was insightful.

Wishing you the best of your self-love journey.


Self-love/care Project (Day 4)

Hello beautiful souls,


It has been marvelous writing for this project and here I am yet back with the monday treat.

Today we are going to discuss about the task of 4th day i.e setting goal and working towards its dead end. I totally feel goal setting to be integral part of self-love and care. Dreams are something that keeps the driving force inside us live and a dream with proper guided plan is GOAL.

The task was to write the goal and set the deadline to accomplish it, to mention the plan,the workout behind that. In short it was all about execution of the goal that we already have set. In this long TO-DO list I often find myself stumbled in the maze of tireless work and at the end I am half done in all without any accomplishment in the single one.


So today I decided to clear my list and break it down according to the need of time and priority. My recent goal is to learn and get regular in blogging . To accomplish this i have already set my 10 days project tour here. Hope it goes as planned.

Did you set yourself a goal this monday?



Self-love|care Project Day (3)


Hello beautiful souls,

Hope you had a splendid sunday today.

Well coming to the task of the day , today actually there wasn’t any task but something that we should inculcate in our daily routine. It was all about spending time with oneself and doing the things that makes you feel happy and relaxed.

It can be in any form. Even a cup of hot choco lava could serve this purpose (just in case). I would like to name this task as Sundays with Self and would stick to doing this every sunday and track my activity log. I suggest you to try and play along.

So my Sunday with Self was spent as follow:

Being a writer my me time always hugely includes READING. This is something that sets back my mind to work and relax at the same moment. I just downloaded few books (kindle) and started reading one of them (my TBR always overflows).

I read today the book by Morgan Nikola : ‘ My dearest hurricane’ and also few short stories from Mahabharata.


I switched myself to write few poems on love and healing where I ended up writing the steps for healing ( blog post soon on that). WRITING is magical, it always heals.

I also took some time to watch the most buzzed Potter series :”Its always our choices far more than abilities that decides who we are”

How can a day with self end without FOOD . AHH ! being an all time foodie I can’t rest my day without gulping my favourite treat in my plate. So yes, food found its way landing safely in my chamber of happiness.

The other form of relaxation for me is my newly found love for watercolours and brush lettering. It’s such a calm and soothing process to see the alphabets dance on the coloured background.

And finally ending my day with writing this super exiting blog post on Sundays with Self. I would love to know your self discoveries on sunday.

Self-love|care project (Day 2)


Hello beautiful souls,

As I mentioned in my yesterday’s post about the 10 day challenge of self-love and care hosted by @secretsouldesires on instagram, here I am yet agin for the second day challenge.

The second day challenge is to declutter your mind,to get rid of one toxic memory at a moment.

We humans usually try to remove,eradicate few people from our lives that no longer serve any purpose of positivity or good vibes in our life. The best decision I ever made for myself was getting away from all such fake relations and people who were their for their own cause or for just time being. I understood that I am no more going to serve them accordind to their convinience, that I am not an open home for such visitors who left me at my wreckage. But still someone ,in some corner I still have their memories stuffed though rusted but their presence stinks my being.


Today I decided to bury them. Leave their no clue of existence and help my mind get an empty space for positive things to make themselves home . I am happy to have taken this step towards my nourishment. It was not easy,not at all but it was worth.

I wish you healing and hope you kick off such cluster soon.Do let me know your thoughts on same.

Image courtesy: Chibird.

Self love|Care Project

Day 1

Hello beautiful souls,

I have been away from blogging since long but I have now decided ed to get back and be regular in posting and sharing the ideas and explore the feeds of my fellow mates.

To start with I have decided to post all about self love and care for upcoming ten days as the part of #lovemeproject initiated by @secretsouldesires on Instagram.

Self love and care is the key to set your mental,physical and spiritual health back in tune,back in rhythm.

So starting with Day1: 10 positive things about oneself

Here we need to repeat the positive things about ourselves in front of the mirror for 10 days daily until it becomes our habit and then the ritual.

I have been writing a lot on self-love,healing,empowering and self-care these days because it really improves and nourishes my mental health. It is always much more important for everyone of us to embrace ourselves and love the best creation of almighty.

Here is my Day1 challenge:

  1. I am WHOLE.
  2. I have the magic within.
  3. The universe took its sincere efforts in my creation and I in no way am going to let it down.
  4. There is the fierce force that keeps me driving towards my dreams and I will never let it get dull.
  5. I have faith in my work and deeds .
  6. I am selected to give my magnificent self to this world.
  7. I am becoming the one I always dreamt to be.
  8. I have more strength and courage to accept the changes and challenges offered on my way.
  9. I am never going to let myself feel down because of their perceptions.
  10. I am going to make myself proud of me.

This was really affirmative and powerful way of dealing with the noises around.

Hope to stick through this daily. Till then keep nourishing yourself with all the water you ever have had.


And the universe was in awe.

How beautiful it is to sit on rooftop under the sky full of stars besides your universe!

Silenced Thunder

Never silence the thunder within. For you cannot expect sunshine without rain.


The only mistake

you made was

letting people dive

effortlessly in your depths

while they were still

anchored to some other sea.

– Sonia Motwani

#amwriting #poetry

Stop feeling it as the privilege of being tagged with Pseudo name ‘PERFECT’



 Stop feeling it as the privilege of being tagged with Pseudo name ‘PERFECT’

  1. If being perfect comes with the idea of sacrificing self, sacrifice that idea itself
  • Value yourself. Your ‘Me time’ matters too. Get out to have inner peace and self-contentment. Why would you ever give up your hobby and passion just because you have no time left for yourself? How can any person value someone else when they fail to know their own worth?
  • Stop sacrificing your wishes just in case you seem ‘perfect’ to them.
  • It’s cool to be imperfect, well we all are humans and we all have our limitations, so do you too.
  1. It’s okay to be ‘disliked’
  • In the struggle of making everyone like you, you somewhere will start disliking yourself.
  • It is not your job to meet everyone’s expectations.
  • This clearly states that you are striving to impress everyone around you at the cost of degrading yourself.
  1. Give up the belief of ‘Multi-Avtar’
  • Do have mercy on yourself and stop exploiting your kind. You’re just breathing soul as everyone else here.
  • It indeed would be difficult seeing things not done properly but it would be worth for long-term.
  • Let them do it themselves instead of you making them dependent.
  • Well you aren’t born with the tag of all-rounder.
  1. Stop thinking yourself as the only option
  • Haven’t you taken yourself for granted and convinced about believing that you’re meant for this?
  • Be kind to yourself as you’re to others.

Let us not strive to be multitalented or perfect because you are beautiful human with all the imperfections.




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