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Stop feeling it as the privilege of being tagged with Pseudo name ‘PERFECT’



 Stop feeling it as the privilege of being tagged with Pseudo name ‘PERFECT’

  1. If being perfect comes with the idea of sacrificing self, sacrifice that idea itself
  • Value yourself. Your ‘Me time’ matters too. Get out to have inner peace and self-contentment. Why would you ever give up your hobby and passion just because you have no time left for yourself? How can any person value someone else when they fail to know their own worth?
  • Stop sacrificing your wishes just in case you seem ‘perfect’ to them.
  • It’s cool to be imperfect, well we all are humans and we all have our limitations, so do you too.
  1. It’s okay to be ‘disliked’
  • In the struggle of making everyone like you, you somewhere will start disliking yourself.
  • It is not your job to meet everyone’s expectations.
  • This clearly states that you are striving to impress everyone around you at the cost of degrading yourself.
  1. Give up the belief of ‘Multi-Avtar’
  • Do have mercy on yourself and stop exploiting your kind. You’re just breathing soul as everyone else here.
  • It indeed would be difficult seeing things not done properly but it would be worth for long-term.
  • Let them do it themselves instead of you making them dependent.
  • Well you aren’t born with the tag of all-rounder.
  1. Stop thinking yourself as the only option
  • Haven’t you taken yourself for granted and convinced about believing that you’re meant for this?
  • Be kind to yourself as you’re to others.

Let us not strive to be multitalented or perfect because you are beautiful human with all the imperfections.





Terrorism | Poem


stop-terrorism (2)



                                                                 And at that time of year

when you got struck with amnesia

when the human in you

left you with just the corpse

and all that you breathed was

chaos and violence and riots,

the anger in your veins

let you forget your own genesis

that you are inherited from the womb of love,

your bones puffed with the fibers of

hatred, agitation, cruelty

let you easily destroy your own human race,

the cries, the screams, the yells

of innocents may have rendered you

the tag of being ‘powerful’ but

you forgot that the real power lies

in love, in mercy, in generosity

that the blood of people will never

quench your thrust of inhumanity

nor will calm the fire that burns you whole

and then one day

even your flesh will be ashamed of covering

the layers of terror and pumping the blood of inhumanity.

                                                                                                  – Sonia Motwani

You’re beautiful

Are we actually clear with the definition of ‘Beautiful’?
Beauty isn’t assigned to something or someone that attracts our eyes.
Beauty isn’t that fair flesh covered over the broken self.
Beauty isn’t in that size which starves for having that tag.
Beauty isn’t in that perfect shape which we often look in the front covers.
Beauty isn’t something that we can always see.
Beauty is in all size and colour and shape.
Beauty is in kindness.
Beauty is in humanity.
Beauty is in the soul that pours the sunshine in others.
Beauty is being YOU.
When we were kids did we ever find our mother less beautiful?
No, because the child in us always saw the beauty in her soul that made all the mothers beautiful despite of all size and shape and colour.
Let’s revise our so called term BEAUTIFUL.
Let it be more to the soul than to the eyes.
-Sonia Motwani

Let’s begin this year with the positive attitude towards your own self.

Know yourself and your worth.


Micropoetry Series (1)

You need to save yourself from such toxicity. The people of this kind are nothing but parasites feeding on your soul. For if they aren’t able to understand your darkest nights, they don’t deserve your brighter days.

Help yourself to get away from these kind.

Loving Self | Poetry


And when in search of

finding yourself in the world,

Roaming in the empty heart’s street

You found yourself getting hurled


Knocking several times though

The unopened door remained always stern

Maybe it was a sign or

A lesson for you to learn


That from womb to tomb

They would come and go

Like a wind smashing by

With its turbulent blow


But then it left behind

The roots that couldn’t be uprooted

For the seeds of love within

Were sown with love and care undiluted


Hold on to that treasure

That it left behind

For you need to preserve it

When such wind gets rewind


Let the love for self

Ripple the current through your soul

Travelling through the galaxies

Let that ecstasy make you eternally whole


For the shooting stars in your eyes

Ignite your heart with those feeling

That you love yourself within

And then the hundreds of galaxies cannot obstruct you from healing.

– Sonia Motwani (@viva_la_poema)

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Help yourself first

Because you can’t be someone’s miracle if you cease being your own.

Help yourself first.

Be with one|Poetry

Be with one

Be with one,

who can make

you count endless stars twinkling in your eyes,

who can make

you feel the star-dust flowing in your veins,

who can make

you hear the rage of cosmic storms between your beats,

who can make

you embrace your meteorite flaws as a mere part of your flawless constellation,

who can make

you believe that the perfect collision of stars conspired together for your creation

in this universe,

who can make

you fall in love with the burning shine within you


The love like that which makes you fall for every atom within you.

– Sonia Motwani

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Writer’s Block- A myth or syndrome

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So formally starting with the recorded definition and explanation about the most buzzed phrase among writers i-e ‘Writer’s Block’, the state or more specifically the mental state where the person (writer) is unable to join or connect the thoughts to spill them.

As a writer, we all face this phase and we even try hard at times or I must say all the time to come out of it seems sometimes too compelling to stretch yourself out from that unwanted space.

Even the famous authors like F. Scott FitzgeraldJoseph Mitchell have already passed through this phase and the few of them quitted writing because of the block.


Being a writer it really feels worse to be not able to write if the thought process is paralyzed or the emotional system sending signals to heart is fractured. But then sitting and waiting for the right time or waiting for the muse to serve you your dish will never work. Sometimes you need to bring the right time by writing crap or shitty pieces.

Initially I didn’t believe in anything like writer’s block maybe I was keeping my mind away from the thoughts of block or being in that state scared me.


But then there was a phase where I realized the existence of this WB. I looked out for the ways to overcome it but amongst all , the thing that worked was changing the mental state. We all are familiar with law of attraction ,so instead of thinking about the block I tried to fool my mind to make it think that there is no existence of block. I just have to read more to write more.

Many a times due to lack of muse ,mental unbalance, deadlines to meet or the previous work appraisal may lead to WB. But as I said earlier , you just need to fool your mind to get your work done. And above all NEVER QUIT WRITING just because of this mental syndrome called writer’s block.

Do let me know your views on same.

-Sonia Motwani

Poetry anthology 

An Ode to Poetry 

Here is my first project as an editor and compiler. 

So this is only for my poetry, love for poems. A small tribute to the most inseparable part of me, I guess of all the poets indeed. 

Poetry taught me to know myself, 

In this world of unknowns 

Poetry hold me tight in its arm and saved me from drowning in my own thoughts. 

It is my feeble try to pay tribute to the magical wand that changed my life-Poetry. 

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