Penning Change

“BOLTU” by Debaprasad Mukherjee Boltu is a debut novel by Debaprasasd Mukherjee. The story revolves around the struggling life of the young boy Boltu. The book is about the protagonist Ranabir nicknamed as Boltu, who transforms himself from an antisocial, outlawer being to the responsible citizen through his sheer dedication, love, care and hard work. Boltu, in his teens comes to know about the rancorous truth of his life. Being neglected by the family, the teens usually gets attracted to the darker side of the life. But Boltu was a dreamer, he wanted to do something that would make his life worth that would add meaning to his existence. The book keeps the reader desperate about the happenings in the life of this young child. The struggle of Boltu with his ownself, with his family and then getting a spark that ignites him , takes him to the cliff of achievement , not only worldly achievement but also mental attainment. The lost respect, his self-esteem, knowledge everything is gained back by his endless efforts and his indomitable will power. The inspiring book gives the reader a direction of empowering their dreams by listening to themselves within, by hearing the calling of their soul. Giving up against odd and getting defeated is easy but to stand and face the bitter truth of life and then living through it is a challenging one. When one believes in their inner strengths then no obstacle can hinder because its faith that can even move the mountains. The motivational story of this young boy that is penned wonderfully in lucid language is a worth read. -Sonia Motwani

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