I was a lost wandered,
Until your words wove warmth for me

In them I found my home

A place where my weary soul lie upon.

I was just a withered petal,

Until your touch made me so magical

Fragranting me, you made me alive

A bloomimg flower within you that reside

I was just a breathing corpse,

Inhaling air in and out

Until you came and poured in me

A life so beautiful , A life to be lived full

I was just an untuned note

Until you came and whispered in me melody,

Making me a harmonious song

You set all the notes back tuned

I was just a mismatch step

Until my soul learnt to danced with beauty of your heart,

Tapping my heartbeats on your beat

You choreographed divinity in its every breath

I was just an inept word,

Until you inked within immortalizing them

Rhyming in the heart of my rhytmn,

You became the poetry forever that I shall sung…

– Sonia Motwani