And wandering on streets and lanes

Unlocking my heart’s window panes,

With my iris curbing up as I pass by

Capturing the beauties on the way that lie.

On the roads flooded with crowd

Or on paths where silence screamed loud,

Where the starry sky widely sheltered

Or the hidden moon behind clouds cluttered.

Stopping by woods on that chilly evening

I soaked the melody of bird’s chirping,

Seizing my soul within its beautiful tinge

The scented dusk intoxicated my twinge.

Amazed at such beauty,my mortal peeped out

Compelling my ink to bleed and shout,

But the crumbled paper lay blank in blues

Pondering over the bewilderment of my lost muse.

Silencing the squalls , I revisited myself

Jaunted at every corner of my sporadic heart’s shelf,

There laid the cosmos within that celestial stardust

With an ethreal poetry engraved on its very crust.

– Sonia Motwani