Changing the dates or shuffling the pages of calendar,
New beginning isn’t always letting your past to surrender.
It’s not about packing the baggage of difficulties,
And entering in the refreshed world of possibilities.
Sometimes , new beginning comes suddenly in the midway,
When you decide to make yourself happy and gay.
When you let yourself dive deep inside,
Facing your demon instead of leaving them aside.
The moment you start to resolute your mind,
And be with yourself a little more generous and kind.
The point when you realise the power of self love,
And to the miraculous human within you wish to bow.
When you realise the immense desire to fulfill your dreams,
That to fly, now you don’t even need wings.
When you come out of the cocoon of self distress,
And converse with your soul , the raw and undress.
When your hope and faith set back for a new inning,
That very moment, though in mid-over ,your life starts a new beginning.
– Sonia Motwani