Trying out something new. A complete series of imagination. Hope it reaches where it is aimed.

Suggestions are always welcomed.


My little doll,
Though this is not only for you but for all the girls out their who struggle for themselves.
Just a small piece of art by the person who found the treasure a little late but worthy things aren’t captured easily.
So here is my try to be your hand whenever you fall.
These aren’t only letters but the pieces you will need to adore yourself with,whenever you are kicked off to ground.
Don’t starve to be beautiful,
Don’t starve to be pretty,
Don’t demand for the external glory,
Nor for anyone’s uncompassionate pity.
Just because they can’t see the shine of moon in daylight,
It doesn’t resemble it’s absence during day.
You don’t need anyone’s approval
to make you believe in your ownself,
You don’t need anyone’s point of view
on how you should be dealt,
It is , it was and it always will be you who is important to your own kind.
It is your life,
You can do hell mess with it or make it a beautiful universe of your own to live in.
Because at end it would be your heart who will ask you the questions for your discontent or will add flavour to your contented life.
And always remember,
You solely are accountable for whatever comes on your way as being a charioteer
of the chariot of your life you must know where to rest it or where to lead it.