Neither a structured roof
Nor a well furnished furniture
Not even equipped with
All trendy interior design
The house becomes a home
When the walls are
Luxuriously filled with love
Where the care welcomes you
Wide opening its arm
Where u, as a little baby
Can rest your head
And the memories sing you
A beautiful lullaby
Where you can pour your heart out,
Without having any fear of being judged
Where your restless soul attains tranquil peace
Where your broken , defeated spirit
Again gets charged up to fight back
Where the bright light of belonging enlightens you
Where your spilled thoughts are being heard and respected
Where you cherish your each and every breath as a beautiful gift
Yes, in such a heavenly place
Where house is no more
The place to survive and pass by
But a love breathing home where your soul can forever lie.
– Sonia Motwani