Here is the second part of the newly started series. Do pour in your views.

For my miraculous one,

Here is a small reminder for you that YOU and solely YOU can change the things around you.

No matter what people say,

No matter how hard they push you down,

No matter which type of thinking they behold,

Just shut down your ear

And listen to your heart (because your heart holds the treasure inside)

Let not others make you what you never intended to be,

Let not give them power of turning the roadways of your life.

No force in this world can move you except your own inner self.

And whenever,

At any single moment

When you feel like giving up

On your dreams,

On your wishes,

On your own self,

Hold on and just remember,

‘Every search ends with the victor’s being severely tested’

And it won’t be failure that will defeat you,

But the fear of being defeated that will conquer your success.

And lastly,

Never ever forget the power of your desire

For when you want something with all your heart,

this entire universe conspires to let you achieve it.

So yes,

It won’t be easy

Rather it shouldn’t be,

For the smooth roads never make good divers,

And the ocean without depths have never witnessed those survivors.