My little warrior,
This is for the time when you will find yourself in the midst of the war.
When you will fail to judge your own move or predict the next one.
But you need to know that the battles are necessary,
You are a warrior,  my gladiator but
you need to know which battle is worth to be fought for.
You need to choose your battles wisely though at times you would be enticed to find a wrong path,  the one distracting you from your soul’s voice.
But you should know
Not everyone in this world who extends the helping hand have intentions to help you,
‌That not all that praises you have the feelings of your appraisal,
That not everyone who seems to be on the other side of the battle is always your enemy.
Sometimes indeed most of the times
The person you need the most is none other than you. ONLY YOU
The battles that you fight outside brings you glory,
But the battles that you fight within brings you victory.
Always remember that the warrior doesn’t always needs to be an armoured one on the knight because the great battles are fought winning your own kind.
The one who settles down its thoughts,
who can make peace with its demons,
who knows to spill off the spilled mess,  is a real warrior.
In this world of varied faces,
never hide your real self from you just to be one with the flow.
Because at the end,
Its always you, who need you.