Well reading the name of the novel it did seem like The Three Mistake from Chetan Bhagat. As the writer himself is a CA , he has described the professional part profoundly. Though from the cover it may seem like it’s a love story yet it is more than just a love story. It’s a combo pack of all the feelings that a well built and well framed novel requires.

The humorous and simple narration made story-line unambiguous. Manav Modi a middle class CA aspirant is the protagonist of the story . The struggle of him and his family has been shown through various phases of life. He has a friend, Deepak Mehra. Deepak always to provoke Manav to achieve his goals to become successful CA. Manav also considered Deepak to be a competition for Urvashi Doshi, his love interest. A typical story of good winning over evil with lots of twists and 3 U-turns.

Though a predictable one , it’s fun to read episodes and those ups and downs in one’s life , to achieve their goals yet not by any evil means.

It’s a challenging book, and you have to enter the part of the characters and try to understand the depth of their feelings and of their fears, the value of their choices.

The language of the book is lucid and simple. It keeps the reader engaged in it’s flow. The book with the simple story yet describing it as an extra-ordinary one is worth reading.