‘The Three Wise Monkeys’ is a familiar yet an interesting title which attracts any bookworm to pick this book. The title ‘The Three Wise Monkeys’ carries a subtitle “Life is exciting when you have money, honey, and cronies”* on the very first page of the novel. As nowadays the trend of startups is reaching at its peak in India , the author has portrayed this scenario in his book.

The story all about the money but no doubt, pinch of love is also seen of the three boys. The three boys who miserably failed trying to seek their fortune while pursuing CA degree , meets their lady lucks and the journey starts.  There are a lot of twist and turn in the novel. The writer clearly explains the difference between being failed and being defeated as failure never defeats you but the broken will to start all over again does.

The narrative style of the writer is very lucid and every minute detailing has been done .Though there are many characters in the story, the writer has played well along the established plot. The sarcastic, funny dialogs makes the novel lively and natural.

This book is a perfect mixture of suspense, love, drama, love, failure and comedy. All in all this book is an enjoyable read.

-Sonia Motwani