My preciousness,
This is when you will feel all alone sometimes in this huge universe.
No doubt, you will have friends,
Many friends, worth having, worth cherishing.
Yet there would be the time when you will feel all alone so much that even loneliness leaves.
As if you have words but your ink refuses to spill.
You will,  sometimes badly need someone to talk with you,  though rubbish or bullshit, just even for few minutes you will need an ear to hear just to hear without any judgements or any pre – assumption of the thoughts that have occupied you.
And despite all,  it won’t be always possible to have one.
You may wonder,  at that time all about their words and promises they gave you yet at end you are all alone.
But my little angel,
In this world, the people have come alone and will go alone yet their deeds will always accompany them till their reach to God.
You yourself are more than enough to curb your loneliness.
You are the gladiator who doesn’t need any rescuer to rescue her from her own thoughts.
Always remember,
Loneliness is when we forget being with our ownself.
Never ever forget the most beautiful being residing within you. She needs you as much as you need her.
Let the ink quench the thrust of your loneliness.
Spill your thoughts on the blank sheet and see how the words conspire to reincarnate you.