Silent Invaders is the mystery-crime novel by Shree and is published by Petals Publishers. The book is has an intriguing story that hooks up the readers till end. I personally completed the book in single sitting. The incidents and the unrevealed connection makes the reader more curious to flip the pages till end.

Childhood Assaults have been the cruelest spot on humanity in any country of the world. The trauma due to it has long lasting impact on the tender mind of the child. The story revolves around the beautiful 26 years old young lady Sana and the crimes that her childhood assault provoked her to do. Sana, being unaware of the things happening around her is trapped in a serious trouble. But later with the help of her dear ones she is able to find out the actual reason behind the things she did unknowingly.

The author has beautifully penned the story leaving the clues at various point of the story. The simple, lucid language of the book makes it easy to visualize the scenario of the story.

The story has detail information about various aspect of mental illness, the cause of assault and its effect to our society. After reading the book it took me a day to come out of its spellbound effect.

The story of revealing dark aspect of human life should be read and one should help such people to come out from its horrific mental illness.

-Sonia Motwani