One more day ended

And the gloomy

Darkness peeped in

From the window

Of her fears

Though she lay

On the bed

Full of safety,

Bare and numb.

One more night

Where her soul

Will be crushed

Mashed, wilted

Under the possession

Of demonish humanity

One more night

Waiting to ripe her off

Layer by layer

Until it came

To the dead end

Of her mere existence

One more night

When her body

Would again be


Those deep breathes

Praying them to end

All at once

One more night

When the demons inside her

Will run off

Frightened by the demons

Tearing her apart

Piece by piece,

Soul by soul

Wrapping her

In their filthy

Lascivious desires.

One more night

Her soul will

Leave her

Searching for the corner

To hide, to bleed

Where the

Human faced monster

Could no more rape her soul

Just to

Satiate the hunger

Of their sexual appetite.

– Sonia Motwani