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So formally starting with the recorded definition and explanation about the most buzzed phrase among writers i-e ‘Writer’s Block’, the state or more specifically the mental state where the person (writer) is unable to join or connect the thoughts to spill them.

As a writer, we all face this phase and we even try hard at times or I must say all the time to come out of it seems sometimes too compelling to stretch yourself out from that unwanted space.

Even the famous authors like F. Scott FitzgeraldJoseph Mitchell have already passed through this phase and the few of them quitted writing because of the block.


Being a writer it really feels worse to be not able to write if the thought process is paralyzed or the emotional system sending signals to heart is fractured. But then sitting and waiting for the right time or waiting for the muse to serve you your dish will never work. Sometimes you need to bring the right time by writing crap or shitty pieces.

Initially I didn’t believe in anything like writer’s block maybe I was keeping my mind away from the thoughts of block or being in that state scared me.


But then there was a phase where I realized the existence of this WB. I looked out for the ways to overcome it but amongst all , the thing that worked was changing the mental state. We all are familiar with law of attraction ,so instead of thinking about the block I tried to fool my mind to make it think that there is no existence of block. I just have to read more to write more.

Many a times due to lack of muse ,mental unbalance, deadlines to meet or the previous work appraisal may lead to WB. But as I said earlier , you just need to fool your mind to get your work done. And above all NEVER QUIT WRITING just because of this mental syndrome called writer’s block.

Do let me know your views on same.

-Sonia Motwani