Walking down on the lonely lane,
Where life was simple yet mournfully plain

The cool breeze that calmed the soul,                                                          
Yet craved for something to fill the hole

In such hustle free life, laid a restless dog,                                 
Detached from the world was he fighting with his own fog

His motionless body with smile deprived face,                             
Nothing to look back nir anything to chase

His loneliness in the dark nights revealed his grief,                       
Neither could he explain nor could he brief

Wished he could pour or spill out his inner feeling,                              
And let that end all his painful sufferings

Embracing the solitude with the mighty pen,                                           
He shall live happily in his inky den

Ahh!! At that time how fortunate I felt,                                                      
Solely because of poetry within that dwelt

For when the world seems swallowing me up,                         
Those celestial words hid me in their sovereign lockup

Breathing there with my solace in bliss,                                                        
How blessed am I resting in such transcendental peace!!

– Sonia Motwani



Sometimes I wish to write poetry on sky,
And let the clouds get drifted to the place where you lie.
Sometimes I wish to flow my ink in the random air,
And let it touch you exploding my love and care.
Sometimes I wish to pen down on the dry leaves,
And let the wind carry them whispering on your sleeves.
Sometimes I wish to paint words on those tiny wings,
And let the little bird fly high showering them as it sings.
Most of the time I wish to hide my rhyme inside the rusty pages,
Wishing them to be felt and absorbed through ages and ages.
– Sonia​