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Silent Invader || Review


Silent Invaders is the mystery-crime novel by Shree and is published by Petals Publishers. The book is has an intriguing story that hooks up the readers till end. I personally completed the book in single sitting. The incidents and the unrevealed connection makes the reader more curious to flip the pages till end.

Childhood Assaults have been the cruelest spot on humanity in any country of the world. The trauma due to it has long lasting impact on the tender mind of the child. The story revolves around the beautiful 26 years old young lady Sana and the crimes that her childhood assault provoked her to do. Sana, being unaware of the things happening around her is trapped in a serious trouble. But later with the help of her dear ones she is able to find out the actual reason behind the things she did unknowingly.

The author has beautifully penned the story leaving the clues at various point of the story. The simple, lucid language of the book makes it easy to visualize the scenario of the story.

The story has detail information about various aspect of mental illness, the cause of assault and its effect to our society. After reading the book it took me a day to come out of its spellbound effect.

The story of revealing dark aspect of human life should be read and one should help such people to come out from its horrific mental illness.

-Sonia Motwani

Letters to my daughter (4)


My preciousness,
This is when you will feel all alone sometimes in this huge universe.
No doubt, you will have friends,
Many friends, worth having, worth cherishing.
Yet there would be the time when you will feel all alone so much that even loneliness leaves.
As if you have words but your ink refuses to spill.
You will,  sometimes badly need someone to talk with you,  though rubbish or bullshit, just even for few minutes you will need an ear to hear just to hear without any judgements or any pre – assumption of the thoughts that have occupied you.
And despite all,  it won’t be always possible to have one.
You may wonder,  at that time all about their words and promises they gave you yet at end you are all alone.
But my little angel,
In this world, the people have come alone and will go alone yet their deeds will always accompany them till their reach to God.
You yourself are more than enough to curb your loneliness.
You are the gladiator who doesn’t need any rescuer to rescue her from her own thoughts.
Always remember,
Loneliness is when we forget being with our ownself.
Never ever forget the most beautiful being residing within you. She needs you as much as you need her.
Let the ink quench the thrust of your loneliness.
Spill your thoughts on the blank sheet and see how the words conspire to reincarnate you.


She – An Eloquent Poetry


To some,

She was

A composure of

Delicacy, elegance

The body of

Flesh, blood, bones


To some,

She was

A portrait of

Artistry beauty,

The canvas of

Sprinkled colours, cast


To few,

She was

An angelic soul

Pious, divine

The magical wings

Celestially designed


But to herself,

She was

A rhyming poem

The soaring wings

Of words and verse

– Sonia Motwani





The Three Wise Monkeys|| Review


‘The Three Wise Monkeys’ is a familiar yet an interesting title which attracts any bookworm to pick this book. The title ‘The Three Wise Monkeys’ carries a subtitle “Life is exciting when you have money, honey, and cronies”* on the very first page of the novel. As nowadays the trend of startups is reaching at its peak in India , the author has portrayed this scenario in his book.

The story all about the money but no doubt, pinch of love is also seen of the three boys. The three boys who miserably failed trying to seek their fortune while pursuing CA degree , meets their lady lucks and the journey starts.  There are a lot of twist and turn in the novel. The writer clearly explains the difference between being failed and being defeated as failure never defeats you but the broken will to start all over again does.

The narrative style of the writer is very lucid and every minute detailing has been done .Though there are many characters in the story, the writer has played well along the established plot. The sarcastic, funny dialogs makes the novel lively and natural.

This book is a perfect mixture of suspense, love, drama, love, failure and comedy. All in all this book is an enjoyable read.

-Sonia Motwani

A reminder 

Letter –  A gentle reminder 

Review || 3 U-Turns of my Life


Well reading the name of the novel it did seem like The Three Mistake from Chetan Bhagat. As the writer himself is a CA , he has described the professional part profoundly. Though from the cover it may seem like it’s a love story yet it is more than just a love story. It’s a combo pack of all the feelings that a well built and well framed novel requires.

The humorous and simple narration made story-line unambiguous. Manav Modi a middle class CA aspirant is the protagonist of the story . The struggle of him and his family has been shown through various phases of life. He has a friend, Deepak Mehra. Deepak always to provoke Manav to achieve his goals to become successful CA. Manav also considered Deepak to be a competition for Urvashi Doshi, his love interest. A typical story of good winning over evil with lots of twists and 3 U-turns.

Though a predictable one , it’s fun to read episodes and those ups and downs in one’s life , to achieve their goals yet not by any evil means.

It’s a challenging book, and you have to enter the part of the characters and try to understand the depth of their feelings and of their fears, the value of their choices.

The language of the book is lucid and simple. It keeps the reader engaged in it’s flow. The book with the simple story yet describing it as an extra-ordinary one is worth reading.

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