‘ So you want to be like your mother?’, teacher asked Sanya.
‘No I don’t want to be like her’ , little Sanya replied.
‘ But you everytime say that your Mom is a superwoman; superheroine’, said her classmate astonished by her reply.
‘ You even call her your Ben10, for her multiavtars’, other one spoke.
‘Yes , she indeed is.My Mom is my Superheroine, ‘ Sanyu proudly said.
‘Then what happened to you?’
‘Don’t you want to be a supergirl or a Superheroine like your mother??’the teacher asked, desperately waiting for her answer.
I wonder always
How can someone be so calm like an ocean
The wide pacific engulfing floods of love
The serene blessings dripping from eyes
The shower of affection in her every word
The strong protecting hand that can withstand any difficulty
Those wide open arms – my saviour from world’s agony
The everlasting smile she does for me that hid millions of pain beneath
The never giving up spirit in life’s hurddles
The wave of strength fighting endless battles
The divine soul with supernatural powers.
She is my gladiator in disguise. My multiavtar Mom.
How can anyone be like her??
I question myself…!!!
Her reply silenced the class.
– Sonia Motwani