A Wish by Sumeet Gogia is the collection of beatiful heart wrenching 23 poems. The colorful cover of the book , a girl with the wings aiming to fly high clearly justifies the poetry content of the book.

The poems in this book is mixture of variety of ingrediants which makes a full baked recepie called life. Starting from the existence of God till the bitter truth of life – Death , the poet gracefully pens the cycle of life.

Poems like – Dad, You are my angel , Dadu I miss you, Talking in silenceflavors the life and pulls the heart strings of the reader.

Besides these alluring poems, the poet has also painted her words with wonderful artwork that describes all the poems very aptly.

The rhyme of the poem, its flow , its simple lucid style and perfectly chosen words keeps the reader engrossed and engaged with the thought flow of the poet.

The optimistic perspective of life’s every event has been narrated so lively that it shows the personal sketch of the poet in her words.The respect for one’s nation  , the understanding and maturity in any relation , the belief in that indomitable power within us makes the reader pause and rethink about his own life.

This simple yet significant book carved with all the human emotions in dancing words of poetry is a must read.

– Sonia Motwani



“Heart Of Bullets” by Nikhil Khushwala is a story of friendship, a story of love and sacrifice. The story revolves around the life of solider. Every soldier has an extraordinary tale to tell. The sacrifices, the hardships, the struggles that they had been through for the love of their mother nation.

The story is about love , sacrifice and undying friendship of two childhood best friend – Arpan and Sam. The author elegantly uses the literary terms. The story is keeps the readers engaged with the one liners used and the heart wrenching poems that gives rhythmic touch to the book.

The story begins with the scene at LoC that Arpan narrates to his siblings about the life of solider when they get attacked suddenly by enemy, about the life of people that are connected with them, when he is back at home for leave .The story then focuses on the hero of the book – SAM. Arpan then narrates his flashback with all details that happened with him and his best friend Sam since the farewell night.

And then the story with twists and turns flows from soldier’s life to teenage immature love, where minor misunderstandings broke the lifelong bond but the beautiful poems in between makes the reader to flow through the book.

The last part of book i.e. the climax is indeed emotional but quite unrealistic but the way it is penned down is really applaudable.

The author has gracefully scribbled the life of martyr’s family after the sacrifice of of soldier. The fight of Indian Army during attack arose patriotism besides thrill , though the last fight of Arpan ended too soon.

But the story by Nikhil Khushwala that thrills you and even melts eyes with Goosebumps is a worth read.

-Sonia Motwani



“Justified Sin” , by Harpreet Makkar is his first debut fictional romantic novel who decieded to quit his job in MNC and pursue his passion of writting.

The title of the book itself attracts to flow through the pages inside but the title – a philosopical is not justified to full extent yet the book keeps you engaged in the roller-coaster ride of Jay’s life.

The story revolves around the life of Jay and three girls – Saloni , Prachi, and Varsha.

Jay , who is all confused in life faces many ups and down throughout. From his soul friendship  to his intimate relationship his life is full of adventure.The book narrates three love affairs of Jay.When two of them were falling for him, he wasn’t sure about his own feelings.He didn’t know what was love all about.But when he was sure about his feelings for the girl eventually she didn’t turn up.

Starting from his life with Saloni then with prachi and with his nurse Varsha this book has essence of all the emotions finely baked.The author justifies in penning down the emotions in the characters.This book truely justifies the saying “It’s not about how many come and go, its about who stayed till the end”.Not only in your happy time some people are always there in your blues too.

The gripping story,  with a lucid writting style, with no terrific usage of words and complex sentences, depicting the life with all ups and down yet surviving through it is worth reading.

Sonia Motwani



Boltu is a debut novel by Debaprasasd Mukherjee. The story revolves around the struggling life of the young boy Boltu. The book is about the protagonist Ranabir nicknamed as Boltu, who transforms himself from an antisocial, outlawer being to the responsible citizen through his sheer dedication, love, care and hard work.

Boltu, in his teens comes to know about the rancorous truth of his life. Being neglected by the family, the teens usually gets attracted to the darker side of the life. But Boltu was a dreamer, he wanted to do something that would make his life worth that would add meaning to his existence.

The book keeps the reader desperate about the happenings in the life of this young child. The struggle of Boltu with his ownself, with his family and then getting a spark that ignites him , takes him to the cliff of achievement , not only worldly achievement but also mental attainment.

The lost respect, his self-esteem, knowledge everything is gained back by his endless efforts and his indomitable will power.

The inspiring book gives the reader a direction of empowering their dreams by listening to themselves within, by hearing the calling of their soul. Giving up against odd and getting defeated is easy but to stand and face the bitter truth of life and then living through it is a challenging one.

When one believes in their inner strengths then no obstacle can hinder because its faith that can even move the mountains. The motivational story of this young boy that is penned wonderfully in lucid language is a worth read.

– Sonia Motwani