Once on rainy day when I sat with pen pondering about its effect on life, suddenly I realised that my little soothing poetry is also serene and welcoming just like little drops of rain.

Writing on the rainy day with rain pouring inside,
Blowing breeze, peeping thoughts with a book and pen by my side.

Making me ponder it makes me wonder about its magic on my poetry,

Finding out the truth hidden is always an unfound mystery. 

And sometimes I feel poetry as a magical rain,

Bleaching the impurity,  it makes my heart drain.

Drenching in its lyrical word, my wet soul dances with delight,

As if every rhyme washed off its mud making it feel light.

Leaving a calm , pleasent feeling inside within,

It rejoices dulcet heart cleansing all the sin.

Spreading colourful feelings,  it makes the ink spill,

The vibrant rainbow poetry aspiring to heal with its rhythmic pill.

Proliferating serenity,  poetry scattered the bliss,

As the sublime rain renders,  human with a tranquil peace..

~ Sonia Motwani